Ancestry Search for Charlie Richard McCollum

Charlie McCollum was the son of Newman Theodore McCollum and Susan Caroline Nichols of Fayette County, Alabama. He was born November 19, 1854 and died January 27, 1940. He's buried in Lockney, Floyd County, Texas.

This is Charlie with his second wife, Martha Merriwether. I am told that they and their dog traveled around the country in this vehicle that had been transformed into a motorhome of sorts. Apparently, Charlie had foresight...

and a better back than I do. It looks like he had a lot more patience for sleeping in cramped quarters than I ever dreamed of. Surely, at that age, he had to have had a backache every morning. I don't know how they did it.

This photo was taken on one of their extended vacations. I have wondered for years about where it was taken. They appear to be dressed for cooler weather. They are standing on stone steps and there are cone shaped structures in the background. There is also a pond of some kind directly behind them. Maybe a spring of some kind?

If anyone can identify the locality of this photo, I would really appreciate it. I'm thinking Arizona or something.