Ancestral Fantasies - Daniel Boone

I've had the desire to search for my ancestry since I was very young. When I was a little girl, my favorite books were juvenile biographies of female historical figures like Abigail Adams, Nancy Hanks and Rebecca Boone (one that I especially enjoyed). I was totally in awe of Daniel Boone, at least the Fess Parker version and when I realized that the Boones actually had about a dozen children and not just the two that were depicted on the TV show, I would fantasize about discovering I was one of their long lost great-great grandchildren. Of course, that didn't turn out to be the case but I did find out that I was very distantly related by marriage to a similar American icon. Well, he never had his own TV show that I know of but he was portrayed in one or two movies.

Now follow me if you can - my great great grandfather was James Eiland of Bibb County, Alabama. His grandfather, Enoch Eiland, is believed by most researchers (myself not included, but that's another post) to be the son of Absalom Eiland. Absalom had another son named Asa Absalom Eiland. Asa married a lady named Virginia Moffett, daughter of Henry and Margaret Moffett. Virginia's sister, Nancy Moffett, married Temple Lea. Temple and Nancy Moffett Lea had a daughter named Margaret Moffett Lea, who was the third and last wife of General Sam Houston. So that means that James Eiland's great Uncle Asa Eiland was also the uncle of Sam Houston's wife, Margaret.

(Note: Another source lists Virginia's father as Gabriel Moffett.)

Now I have not verified this particular lineage but maybe I'll keep it handy for bragging purposes. Not everyone finds a famous person while searching their ancestry but you won't know if one exists unless you buckle down and do the work. Happy hunting!