Ada Hadley Alvord, Searching for Ancestry with Photos

Searching for family history clues can be as easy as searching through your grandmother's old photos. My great grandfather's only sibling was a younger sister named Ada Caladonia Hadley. She was born July 30, 1869 near Cleburne in Johnson County, Texas. The family moved to Callahan County a few years later where their father, Thomas B. Hadley, would become a prominent citizen and county sheriff in the late 1890's.

Ada married Frank L. Alvord, son of Joshua Alvord and Lucy Leavenworth, on December 27, 1888 in Callahan County. They had 4 children:

  • Ruby Ree Alvord, 1889-1890
  • Mabel Alvord, born May 24, 1892
  • Frank Hadley Alvord, 1894-1900
  • Boyce Edwin Alvord, born March 22, 1901

Ada and Frank lived on a ranch in Shackleford County, just north of Callahan County. Thomas Hadley owned land there as well. These photos were taken probably in the early 1950's while my mother's family was on a vacation in the area.

This is Aunt Ada with my grandmother, Melba Hadley Eiland, and her brother, Edwin Hadley.

This is Aunt Ada's house.

And this is the bunkhouse. I would really love to find out if either structure is still standing.

Ada Hadley Alvord died May 16, 1960 in Callahan County, Texas and is buried in Ross Cemetery in Baird near her parents and brother. I do not know the whereabouts of her surviving children.

I was not going to post this photo because it was so blurry but I got to thinking that someone might recognize the two people to the left. I do not know who they are so I suppose they may be one or both of Aunt Ada's children.

Frank(?), Mabel(?), Aunt Ada Alvord, Edwin Hadley, Melba Hadley Eiland, and Lucille Hadley (Uncle Edwin's wife).

Persuade family members to dig out the old photographs. Searching through these can jog the memories, bringing out stories and clues to your ancestry.


Jo Lynn George Chandler said...

The last photo is blurry and the author was questioning the identity of the two people on the left. The man is N. M. "Buster" George & the woman is his wife, Mabel - Ada's daughter.